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virtualenvs or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love not having sudo powers in a server

Well, you might think, there is always pip install –user. Aha! Yes, that works most of the time, but not when some package upgrade (distribute for deepTools) conflicts with globally installed packages. The solution (for python packages) Python virtualenvs to … Continue reading

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Clone all repositories from a user (bitbucket)

Now that I have computer, the next step is to install everything I use on daily basis, and set-up my projects space. This involves cloning all my repositories. I could do this manually one by one, but what is the … Continue reading

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New shiny toy

Updated on 11.01.2015 to correct spelling mistakes, grammar, and add new information about the speakers. My new laptop has arrived, and after testing it for a couple of days, I feel that I can post my own impressions of the … Continue reading

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The “p” problem in R plots, or when a dot is a font in inkscape

My graphics/figure workflow generally involves plotting something in R, saving it as a pdf (+png if writing a report with Rmarkdown), followed by some manual editing with Inkscape. Inkscape is a free, as in speech and beer, vector graphics editor … Continue reading

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Nerd up your R

I probably spend most of my working day in an R terminal, or at least I start R often enough. Now I saw in a blog I follow a way to entertain and instruct in equal measure everytime that little … Continue reading

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